Private Google drive unlimited storage | LifeTime-Full Access | on your email

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Private Google drive unlimited storage | LifeTime-Full Access | on your email
Get Private Unlimited Storage Google Drive

Note: Please you should to leave us Your email you want to link or upgrade your GOOGLE DRIVE.







What do you get after purchasing this?

Google Drive with Unlimited Storage (Private Shared Drive) added to your Gmail or G Suite Account.

And Only You have Access ( After Adding Your Gmail on Shared Drive You Can Remove My User)

Applications that I tested that work with the unlimited space in this offering:

1. Google Drive for iOS or Android — make sure to update to latest

2. Google Drive website

3. Google Drive mobile website

4. Google File Stream App (you must have a G Suite ID, see common questions)

5. Synology Active Backup for Server

6. Rclone (3rd party)

7. Plex (only works when used with Google File Stream, see below question)

8. Google Drive for KODI

9. PERL-CloudSync

10. Python-GoogleDrive-VideoStream (including EmbyServer)

11. Google Drive API v2/v3

12. Insync — as of Nov 2017, supported with one-time Team license purchase from Insync

13. Google-Drive-ocamlfuse (mount to PC)

Common Questions:

Q: Can I move files from my current Google Drive to Team Drive?

YES, for example if you have a song on your current drive to move to the added drive just create a folder grab your file and drag it to the folder in the added team drive, then confirm the message that appears.

Q: Will this increase my current 15GB space to unlimited?

Yes, you will get a private Google drive (not public) on your mail.

features :

1. you can store unlimited data.

2. only you can access it( personal).

3. you can add members on your shared drive.

4.No ban warranty .


6. data is sharable via link.

Q: Can I use the storage for media / video files?

Yes. You can upload the media using Google Drive tools, G-Drive website or support third party tools. Also you can playback video files using the G-Drive apps or website (original and transcoded versions). And you can also use G-Drive for KODI (gdrive) or Python-GoogleDrive-VideoStream to playback your media on any HTML5-capable device (computer or mobile device). You can also use EmbyServer.

Q: Can I use the space for email storage?

No. The additional unlimited space is for Google Drive storage only. There will be no change to your email storage with gmail.

Q: Can I use Google Photos app?

No. You cannot use any of the Google Photos apps or website to store photos to the drive. You can upload photos to store to the drive using the Google Drive app, Google Drive website or supported third party Google Drive applications.

Q: Do I ever have to pay again? monthly? yearly? ever?

This is a one time purchase. The space is yours for as long as you have your google account.

Q: Can I use this with a G Suite account?

Yes, G Suite accounts work best with this drive, but a G Suite account is not required.

Q: Who has access to my files?

Whomever you define in “manage members” as access. You can provide others such as friends, family etc, ownership, edit or view access to your drive. Nobody else will have access

Q: Can I share files and folders?

You can give up to 600 people ownership whom have Google accounts, edit or view access to the entire drive. In addition, you can give access on a file-by-file basis to anyone else (view or edit access) and you can “share with link” including share with public with or without login required. You cannot share entire folders but you can share files.

Q: If I move my account, such as delete it or open a different account, can I take the data and unlimited space with me?

Contact me through email at any time for assistance on moving your drive to another account. The process only takes minutes and be completed by you or myself.

Q: Can I use G-Drive API with this unlimited space?

YES. You can use G-Drive API v2 or v3. Any application that was maintained by their developers in 2017 will work.

Q: Can my Google account get banned / deleted?

NO. Your Google account is not modified in any way. Also, the space added is not obtained in any illegal or fraudulent method. However, please ensure uploaded media is not illegal or fraudulent.

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