Microsoft Azure Quantum: Empowering Scientific Breakthroughs and Accelerating Discovery
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Revolutionize Scientific Discovery with Azure Quantum: Unlock Growth and Solve Intractable Problems

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Introducing Azure Quantum, where seductive possibilities await to revolutionize scientific discovery and unlock unprecedented growth. Throughout history, new materials have played a pivotal role in shaping society’s progress, from the Iron Age transforming agriculture to the Silicon Age revolutionizing communication. The transformative potential of advancements in this realm is immense.


Imagine a transportation industry equipped with more efficient and powerful batteries, enabling sustainable and energy-saving solutions. Picture pharmaceutical researchers developing groundbreaking drugs that can combat diseases and improve lives. Envision the chemistry industry unearthing safer and more sustainable compounds, revolutionizing everyday products like electronics, paints, and textiles. Most importantly, envision scientists tackling society’s most pressing challenges head-on, from reversing climate change to addressing food insecurity.

However, understanding the intricate workings of nature is no easy feat. Even the calculations of complex quantum states of molecules pose significant challenges. Astonishingly, the number of energy states in just 100 electrons can surpass the number of atoms in the entire visible universe.

Now, a new generation of AI is emerging, joining forces with our universal user interface – natural language – and the fundamental language of nature itself: chemistry. This convergence marks the dawning of a new era in scientific discovery. And this is just the initial stride as we brace ourselves for an even more remarkable transformation on the horizon: quantum supercomputing.

Innovators can embark on an extraordinary journey, beginning with Azure Quantum, where the world’s best quantum hardware awaits. Start experimenting and delve into solving complex problems that will pave the way for the future of scientific exploration. As quantum supercomputing becomes a reality, we stand at the precipice of a time when previously insurmountable obstacles can be conquered, propelling growth and human progress to unprecedented heights.

Azure Quantum beckons, inviting scientists and businesses alike to seize this opportunity, leverage the power of quantum technologies, and unlock solutions that were once deemed unattainable. Together, we are shaping a future where boundless potential becomes reality, and where the boundaries of scientific discovery are pushed beyond imagination.

Join us on this seductive journey of limitless possibilities with Azure Quantum. Prepare to unveil transformative breakthroughs, foster growth, and ignite human progress as we redefine what is achievable in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation.

Today, we are introducing three advances in Azure Quantum towards this vision. 
1. Azure Quantum Elements

Introducing Azure Quantum Elements: Accelerating Scientific Discovery with Cutting-Edge Technology

Unlock the true potential of scientific discovery with Azure Quantum Elements—a powerful integration of high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and quantum computing. By seamlessly combining these breakthrough technologies, Azure Quantum Elements empowers scientists and product developers to achieve groundbreaking results like never before.

With Azure Quantum Elements, you can revolutionize your research and development process, driving faster time to market and reducing costs. Some customers have experienced an astounding six-month to one-week acceleration from project kick-off to solution implementation. Imagine the possibilities when you can compress years of work into mere minutes, dramatically increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Expand your search space for new materials, going from thousands to tens of millions of potential candidates. Azure Quantum Elements opens doors to unprecedented scale, enabling you to explore complex reactions and optimize processes. Whether it’s finding sustainable replacements for everyday products or developing entirely new innovations, the massive scale of Azure Quantum Elements empowers you to make groundbreaking discoveries.

Speed is of the essence in scientific exploration, and Azure Quantum Elements delivers unparalleled velocity. By incorporating Microsoft’s advanced AI models specifically designed for chemistry, simulations are accelerated to an astonishing extent. Experience chemistry simulations running 500,000 times faster, providing insights and results in mere minutes. With Azure Quantum Elements, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the language of nature itself—chemistry.

Accuracy is crucial when it comes to scientific simulations, and Azure Quantum Elements provides unrivaled precision. Leverage unique AI models and the vast scale of HPC to run simulations with higher levels of accuracy than ever before. Azure Quantum Elements seamlessly integrates classical and quantum computing, laying the foundation for even greater simulation accuracy. Imagine a future where a quantum supercomputer enables predictive chemical design with 100 times more accuracy—an unprecedented breakthrough on the horizon.

Leading industry innovators such as BASF, AkzoNobel, AspenTech, Johnson Matthey, SCGC, and 1910 Genetics have already embraced Azure Quantum Elements to revolutionize their research and development processes. Now, it’s your turn to join them. Azure Quantum Elements will soon be available in private preview, offering you exclusive access to this game-changing technology. Sign up today to stay informed and be among the first to experience the immense possibilities of Azure Quantum Elements.

Watch our captivating YouTube video to get a glimpse of how Azure Quantum Elements is transforming scientific discovery. Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey of innovation and unlock the doors to a future filled with limitless possibilities. Azure Quantum Elements—empowering scientists to push the boundaries of knowledge and reshape the world as we know it.

2. Empower Scientific Discovery with Copilot in Azure Quantum: Revolutionize Research and Unleash Breakthroughs

Copilot in Azure Quantum, scientific discovery, revolutionize research, unleash breakthroughs

Accelerate Scientific Discovery with Copilot in Azure Quantum: Harnessing Natural Language for Advanced Problem Solving

Unlock the power of Copilot in Azure Quantum, a cutting-edge tool that empowers scientists to navigate complex chemistry and materials science challenges using the simplicity of natural language. By seamlessly integrating cloud supercomputing, advanced AI, and quantum capabilities, Copilot enables scientists to tackle intricate tasks within their existing workflow. It generates underlying calculations and simulations, facilitates data querying and visualization, and provides guided answers to intricate concepts. Just as Copilot has revolutionized software development, productivity, and search in other Microsoft products, our vision is for Copilot in Azure Quantum to transform and expedite scientific discovery. It holds the potential to revolutionize various domains, from creating safer and more sustainable products to accelerating drug discovery and addressing humanity’s most urgent challenges.

Moreover, Copilot serves as an invaluable resource for learning about quantum computing and writing code for present-day quantum computers. It offers a fully integrated, browser-based experience that can be explored for free, featuring a built-in code editor, quantum simulator, and seamless code compilation. We have designed Copilot to simplify the complexities of quantum, chemistry, and materials science, bridging these transformative fields and making them more accessible to all. Experience the future of scientific exploration today by trying out Copilot in Azure Quantum. Unleash your potential, broaden your knowledge, and witness the convergence of quantum technologies with unparalleled ease. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity—check it out now.

3. Unveiling Microsoft’s Quantum Supercomputer Roadmap: Paving the Way for Breakthroughs

Microsoft, quantum supercomputer, roadmap, breakthroughs

Unveiling Microsoft’s Roadmap to a Quantum Supercomputer: Accelerating Breakthroughs in Scientific Discovery

Unlocking the immense potential of a quantum supercomputer holds the key to accurately designing new chemicals and materials, marking a transformative milestone for the industry. In a parallel to the advancements of classical supercomputers in the 20th century—progressing from vacuum tubes to transistors and integrated circuits—underlying technological breakthroughs will drive scalability and impact.

As the industry progresses, quantum hardware will evolve across three Quantum Computing Implementation Levels:

Level 1 – Foundational: Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) computers that operate on noisy physical qubits. Level 2 – Resilient: Quantum systems that leverage reliable logical qubits. Level 3 – Scale: Quantum supercomputers with unprecedented capabilities to solve impactful problems surpassing even the most powerful classical supercomputers.

Achieving Scale necessitates a fundamental physics breakthrough. Microsoft has accomplished this critical milestone and published peer-reviewed data in a journal by the American Physical Society, propelling us closer to realizing a quantum supercomputer. By successfully creating and controlling Majorana quasiparticles, we have paved the way for engineering a new hardware-protected qubit. This significant achievement propels us forward in reaching the Resilient Level and ultimately progressing to Scale.

A quantum supercomputer possesses the ability to solve intractable problems that are beyond the capabilities of classical computers, addressing the most complex challenges of our world. To assess its performance, a new measurement metric is imperative. Microsoft introduces the concept of reliable Quantum Operations Per Second (rQOPS), which gauges the number of reliable operations executed in a second, encompassing the system’s comprehensive performance rather than solely focusing on qubit performance. This metric ensures the assurance of correct algorithm execution, accounting for machine and network overhead.

Currently, our industry remains in the NISQ era, with quantum computers at Level 1 and an rQOPS of zero. The first quantum supercomputer will require a minimum of 1 million rQOPS and will scale to over 1 billion to solve impactful chemistry and materials science problems.

As with any innovative technology, proactive risk mitigation is essential. Microsoft’s AI principles serve as a guiding framework, ensuring rigorous measures are applied throughout the development of services such as Azure Quantum Elements and the engineering of our first quantum supercomputer. Feedback from stakeholders plays a vital role in this iterative process.

Furthermore, Microsoft is actively preparing for a quantum-safe future, working collaboratively with customers and the industry to ensure the continued security of our services during this significant transition.

The opportunity that lies ahead is colossal. Scientists and businesses will revolutionize the foundational elements of everyday products, ushering in a new era of innovation and economic growth. Together, we can compress the next 250 years of chemistry and materials science into the next 25.

Join Satya Nadella and us at the virtual briefing on “Accelerating Scientific Discovery” to learn more about the Azure Quantum Elements private preview, Copilot in Azure Quantum, and our roadmap to a quantum supercomputer.

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